About us

About OpenRFP

Our mission is to streamline the B2B sales cycle for buyers, vendors, and sales professionals.

With a team ranging from 5 to 25 years of experience in B2B organizations, and experience closing contracts ranging from $100,000 to $100 million, we are able to combine a deep understanding of the challenges facing all sizes of B2B vendors with an irreverence for a traditional sales process that is inefficient and often ineffective.

Our goals are to lower the costs of selection and procurement for enterprise buyers and to reduce customer acquisition costs for vendors.

Search Qualified Opportunities

  • 68 Percentage of B2B buyers who prefer doing business online versus with a salesperson (Forester)
  • 13 Percentage of B2B leads that convert to opportunities, on average (Analysis by Implisit)
  • 84 Average number of days to convert a B2B lead to an opportunity (Analysis by Implisit)

Our Solutions

Driving down buyers' procurement costs & vendors' customer acquisition costs through transparency, and providing additional income opportunities to B2B sales professionals.

  • 1

    Enterprise Buyers Post RFPs

    Posts may be anonymous or named. If your company is not currently issuing any official RFPs but you're dissatisfied with some of your current vendors and would consider switching, post an RFI.

  • 2

    Vendors View & Bid

    Vendors can securely view opportunities, respond, and provide references.

  • 3

    Buyers Review Responses & References

    Buyers can also view vendor reviews.

  • 4

    Enterprise Buyers Post RFIs

    If your company isn't currently issuing any RFPs but you're dissatisfied with one or more of your vendors and would consider switching, post an anonymous RFI or an informal wish list of terms.

  • 5

    Buyers Write Vendor Reviews

    After you've selected a vendor, completed contracting, and completed implementation, write a vendor review so other buyer companies can benefit from your experience.